Photo of Allison writing in her journal. She is wearing a dark colored outfit and crystal necklace while sitting in a cozy nook of pillows. There is a photography effect used that gives the photo a blurred quality in spots and casts lines of rainbow prisms in others.
photo credit: Ani Paoletti Creative

A few months ago I was journaling (and wiping away tears) after a particularly rough and eye-opening session with my coach. I’d just realized that a core element of people-pleasing still dictated my life and was causing some major self-sabotage in the business I was building.

I could rationalize it 100 ways though.

The mind chattered:

“It’s beneficial to live like this! ‘Strategic’ even! This has always, always served me… and it’s actually holding me back?”

Do you know the core element I’m talking about? (I bet you share it)

That good old…. need to be liked.

On the surface…

Allison KT

Helping people-pleasing entrepreneurs find their backbone in business via mindset healing & intuitive strategy

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