3 signs it’s time to unleash your Wild Woman (and how to know you’re ready)

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When someone’s Wild Woman is awake, you can instantly tell. She is the perfect blend of “Don’t mess with me!” and “How can I support you?” It is obvious that she holds herself in high regard, but it isn’t seen as “show-offy.” She is well-boundaried, deeply self-aware, and bares her teeth when necessary to protect herself and loved ones.

She is committed to the sacred relationship between her ego, her Higher Self, and the Divine. All other opinions are irrelevant. She is not bound to what people think of her. She doesn’t waste time worrying if she’s liked. She belongs to herself and the Divine.

She knows the importance of existing powerfully in relationships. Gone are the days of people-pleasing, perfectionism, and trying to maintain the highlight reel. The Wild Woman is a conduit for healthy, transformational discomfort. A gift of the Wild Woman is the reminder that in nature, wolves know intuitively when to let things die. They know when to fight back, they know when to flee, they know when to rest, and how to blend in. In the wild, life is never forced to fit into what others want.

To tap into your intuition in this same way, you must begin to heal your ego. Tune into and understand your hurts. Look into where they come from and how true they are. Don’t judge yourself for having then, but get curious about where it stems from. Watch the self-sabotage fall away in the healing of your ego. Witness your Higher Self taking over and guiding you in what may have previously felt “uncomfortable.”

This is available to you. The Wild Woman is ready and waiting to be your guide. If you feel uncertainty about whether now is the right time to start this relationship, or if you’re wondering if you’re “ready,” please know that the truest answer lies within. Looking at my own experiences, those in my community, and those with clients, I’ve noticed some themes for when the Wild Woman is chomping at the bit to be unleashed. If you are feeling these energies in your life at this time, it may be an invitation to open your mind to transformation.

Here are 3 signs that it is time to unleash your Wild Woman (and how to know you’re ready!)

1. You have outgrown your current situation.

The job/relationship/heavy energy around you is longer acceptable. You are reaching the end of a cycle and beginning to notice that it is time. The box feels smaller everyday and it is literally painful to stay.

Flashback to late April 2017. In Madison, WI we’ve made it through the long cold winter and we can feel summer coming. Shoulders are uncovered, frisbees are returning to the park, and most importantly, it’s perfect weather for lifting weights out in the shed at Ford’s Gym.

I was lifting weights 10+ hours a week at that point and my closet friends were trainers and CrossFit coaches. I wanted nothing more than to hop on my bike with my gym bag, chalk up, and hit bench presses and power cleans for hours with them. I dreamed of setting up my laptop on a plyo box and building my business in between sets.

Photo credit: Femme Royale

I was also newly engaged to my charming and delightful spouse who was a grad student at the time. We lived in a co-op together and many of my roommates were students as well. I longed to set up a second monitor at the giant dining room table with them, listening to Drum and Bass music while I built my business and they wrote code.

Instead, I dragged myself to the office every day. I smiled when I didn’t want to. Rolled out of bed 15 minutes before I needed to be there and put on my make-up at my desk. I’d scroll IG, see stories and posts about my friends at the gym, and then sneak off to the bathroom to cry. Life had to be more than making spreadsheets. I couldn’t do it anymore. Something needed to change.

My Wild Woman was bursting so badly it impacted my emotions and physical body through a lot of tears, tension, and pain.

2. You are becoming more aware of your sacredness and sovereignty.

When you wake up to your personhood, it’s a real eye-opener. All of sudden you notice the ways you’ve been letting people treat you. You’re suddenly aware of the messages you are giving yourself through your actions… and the dude will not abide.

You’ve realized that repeated people-pleasing reinforces the idea that you are inferior. Suddenly, every time you notice you are people-pleasing and putting others ahead of yourself, you are also noticing the internal messages about your own worthiness. You realize that as a child of the Divine, you deserve to have a say and stand up for what you believe.

You also may be expanding your worldview from what you knew previously. (This can bring up a lot of feels about navigating people who knew you before, but you let yourself learn.) You might be tapping into your body’s moon cycle, your astrology, Human Design, your energy, meditation, and working with your intuition.

Photo credit: Ani Paoletti Creative

Once you see yourself as the Divine Being that you truly are, it’s pretty hard to go back. Once I saw my sovereignty, suddenly boundaries felt more attainable. I can imagine my physical form protecting my Higher Self. If someone speaks negatively of me: “OMG, you’re such a people-pleaser!” I am empowered to set a boundary that I don’t accept their judgment about me and won’t tolerate being spoken to that way. (Here’s an IG post if you want to see how I once handled this exact convo IRL)

With this awareness, now, instead of getting heart palpitations at the thought of “winging it” on an IG story, you feel confidence in the worthiness of your voice and perspective.

You aren’t worried if people will “vibe with it” or “understand.” You realize that if people unfollow, it’s because they aren’t meant to be in your space right now. Trust that their life will be their teacher to the degree they let it. You trust that the people who are meant to hear your message, will.

3. You feel a deep yearning belief that things could be different.

In the midst of feeling like you’ve outgrown your current situation, there may be a deep yearning belief that things could be different. There is a small whisper of hope in the background of everything you do. You start to see the possibilities. The very fact that you are dissatisfied is wonderful information because it tells you what you don’t want.

You are starting to see the contrast between where you are and where you desire to be. You look at the emotional toll that aspects of your life are taking and feel inspired to bring alignment. It makes you feel awful to get yelled at by customers for $12.50 an hour, so you imagine a possibility where you work for yourself, sharing your gifts, for far more income and impact.

Sometimes there isn’t complete clarity around an idea at first because it needs time to be birthed. This is often happening for entrepreneurs who are leading up to that transition from FT corporate to FT entrepreneur. In between meetings you are daydreaming and imagining the possibilities available to you. This is such a beautiful stage because your soul is generating the direction for you. You get to follow the yearning.

Photo credit: Ani Paoletti Creative

Sometimes there is also an “I thought it would be different by now” belief present. This is slightly different than what I mean by this. Let me explain.

“Things could be different!“ — full of possibility, opportunity, potential

“I thought things would be different by now“ — hints of regret, disappointment, scarcity, implies it’s late

Believing things can change is the uplifting and inspiring mindset counterpart to wishing things were different. If you find yourself in this place, tap into your sovereignty and begin healing your ego. Chances are there are sabotages happening behind the scenes that are holding you back. (Interested in holding up a magnifying glass up to identify your specific sabotages? Check out my 90 min Energy Leadership Reading)

If you are dreaming about things being different while asleep and awake, it may be time to explore bringing a change. Connect with what feels frightening about change and what feels uplifting. If you feel this yearning, but doubt creeps in about whether or not YOU are the one to bring it to life, remember that you are sacred and supported.

BONUS: How to know you’re ready to unleash your Wild Woman

Once again, the truest answer is within and will likely come to you in time of meditation or stillness, but if you’re looking for some kind of “data point,” look to your self-image.

How do you describe yourself? Do you identify as an empathic entrepreneur who is done settling for her circumstances? Are you noticing higher expectations for how you let people treat you? Are you realizing that you are part of something bigger? Or do you identify with yearning for anything of these things?

Are you getting curious about what has gotten you to where you are, and how you can make subtle shifts to create the life and legacy you know you are here to create?

Or, are you just looking for a surface-level, quick-fix, plug-and-play solution? Do you think you need to “whip yourself into shape” or “toughen up”? Do you want to make yourself wrong for having natural reactions in the past that led to some limiting beliefs affecting your present?

If your self-image is aligned with love and growth, with valuing yourself and showing grace, with being a part of something larger… you may find it easier to feel support in this phase. And if you’re in the place of “toughening up” and being hard on yourself, it may not feel as natural.

Regardless of how you see yourself, the Wild Woman longs to support you. If you’re alive with worthiness and ready to go all in, she’s here for you. If you’re kind of afraid, she’s here to bring safety and peace. And guess what, even if you’re trapped in the hustle-grind of wanting to make yourself wrong, she is here with open arms.

The Wild Woman is ready to support you in 2022. If you’re ready to awaken her, but you (understandably) feel some fear, let me be your guide. Together we will create a safe, supportive space to look into your self-sabotage to understand the limiting beliefs behind it. As a certified Energy Leadership coach, I am always here to bring my trademark joy and curiosity, and to hold you in this work. Then we will connect to the sacred through meditation, journaling, ritual, and intention. This supports you in creating your intuitively guided business (which I guarantee feels a lot more natural than what someone else gives you).

If you are ready to start this work, I have 2 remaining spots to work with me 1:1 starting in January (you get access to all the workbooks, meditations, etc right away!) Applications are open here till this Friday, Dec 17.

Your Wild is waiting to support you, and bring you into business beyond people-pleasing. Let’s do this together.

Apply Now!




Helping people-pleasing entrepreneurs find their backbone in business via mindset healing & intuitive strategy

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Allison KT

Allison KT

Helping people-pleasing entrepreneurs find their backbone in business via mindset healing & intuitive strategy

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